About Yuriko Oyama

Yuriko Oyama is an illustrator and designer based in Tokyo. She draws illustrations of women with her delicate and pale touch, using materials such as pencil, watercolour, and Japanese sumi ink.
In her childhood, she was a child who always loves to create something whenever she has a chance, like drawing a princess wearing a dress. Currently, she is inspired by vintages, antiques, paintings and old drawings. Her passion from these inspirations were expressed through series of women illustration she creates. She expresses not only the beauty of female figure but also the atmosphere around and inner feelings of women that can not be described in words.

In 2012, she started “A Cloudy Dream” as a creation of products envisioning daily wearable jewelry that women in her illustration would wear. 

Constantly designing, producing and experimenting, Yuriko created all her work by herself through strong passion, with a goal of free expression across any genre. 

ランジェリーブランドPEACH JOHN MomoLife にて、シネマとランジェリーのコラム連載「Lingerie in Cinema」へイラストを提供中。(2019年7月連載終了)

イラストレーターとして活動する一方で、同時期に”A Cloudy Dream” (ア クラウディ ドリーム)として、モノづくりのブランドを発表する。
A Cloudy Dreamでは「イラストレーションで描かれている女性が身につけるアイテム」というコンセプトのもと、ジャンルを問わない自由な表現を目標に、アクセサリーを中心としたプロダクトを展開している。アクセサリーは、デザインから製作までを全て自らの手で行っている。モノを通じて、「世界観をおすそわけする」という考え方のもと、 制作している。
現在は、A Cloudy Dreamは小休止中でイラストレーションの分野で活躍中。

Selected Clients

PEACH JOHN, KOSÉ, Soukamocka, ORBIS, ONLY MINERALS, NeWoman, VOCE magazine, Shuueisha, Koudansha, Soup.magazine
Zexy magazine,  Sony Digital Entertainment


Born in Tokyo in 1985, Yuriko spent her childhood in London for about 5 years.

2008 Graduated BA Department of Economics (Department of Business Administration) from Gakushuin University.

2011 Graduated Kuwasawa Design School Department of Visual Design 

Huge lover of vintage, antiques, fashion, paintings and other old age items. Especially she loves Paris in both old & new age. Favorite things are coffee shops, a good cup of black tea with milk and sugar, vintage fashion shops, movies, ballet and musicals.





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